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How to upload contacts into your Build-A-Brand toolkit all at once!

I am sure you have thought to yourself that it would be easier to send people stuff if there was an easy way to upload all your contacts at once… well, you can! To do this you will want to make sure that you...

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$100,000 Raised for Rescue 1 Global in 24 hours with a Facebook Live-A-Thon | 2019

"Rescue1 Global rescues those stuck in the horrific world of human trafficking. They are a small team who doesn't play it safe and goes to some of the scariest places on earth to do it. They recently learned they...

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Characteristics to Look for in a Salesperson You Can Trust

We all know that sometimes salespeople get a bad rap. People don’t readily trust salespeople. Yes, most salespeople have quotas and work on commission, not just car professionals. This makes people...

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Getting Started

Now that you have finished the Getting Started in the training portal, it’s time to set up your Build-A-Brand profile. Before you jump into your Build-A-Brand toolkit you will want to get a few things ready....

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Airbag Safety Tips

Our vehicles have airbags inside the dashboards, steering wheels and side panels to ensure our safety in the event of impact during a car accident. It is a fact that airbags save lives. Airbags are positioned to...

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Time Is Precious

I am sure you have heard of the saying that “time is precious”. Have you ever stopped long enough to wonder why? Time is something that everyone runs out of sooner or later. Time is one of those things...

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