20 Automotive Social Media Post Ideas | 2019 in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

20 Automotive Social Media Post Ideas | 2019

Cameron Moore's Blog | 20 Automotive Social Media Post Ideas | 2019

Posting just to post is not a good strategy. You need to post valuable content that gets engagement. The best way to get people to engage with your content is to ask them to like, comment, and share. Posting valuable content all depends on what is valuable to your audience. Before you post something to Facebook make sure that you engage with other people’s content meaning you like, comment, and even share their content. Doing this will help Facebook's algorithm warm up to you so that your content will be favored to exposure. If you do post a video organically to Facebook be sure to tell your audience that you are attaching a link in the comment section so they should check it out. That organic video can be used to create a watch party. If you want to know how to create a Facebook Watch Party, click here.


  1. Tires and rotation / correct air in your tires
  2. Oil – which type of oil is the best and when you should change it
  3. Windshield wipers – what their purpose is and the best time to change them. Best windshield wipers on the market and why they are the best.
  4. Interior cleaning for leather and cloth. Best methods
  5. How often you should clean your exterior and best products for your vehicle.
  6. How to use Apple CarPlay
  7. How to add your home address in your navigation
  8. How to get your Sirius XM radio subscription
  9. How to change your tire
  10. How to check your car before you go on a trip
  11. How to change your settings (pick any settings to talk about)
  12. How to use safety features (Smart cruise control, lane departure, blind spot, parking assist, any other feature)
  13. How to put on your front license plate
  14. How to set your cruise control (Talk about all the different cruise control buttons and how they work)
  15. How to add your phone in your Bluetooth settings
  16. Understanding your manufacture warranty

  17. Understanding your extended warranty

  18. Why does your interest rate increase your payment?

  19. Why the year, make, model and miles play a huge factor when getting your loan approved by the bank.

  20. Why leasing is better than purchasing? (You can also talk about the benefits of leasing vs purchasing)


When you are thinking about what you should post, try just asking people what information they might like to see. You can also take all the questions you commonly get from your clients and make videos about them. Try creating a daily or at least a weekly post that provides value to your audience. 


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  • Facebook video views do not convert engagement and leads, like your comments do.

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