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5 Tips to Help Complete your Build-A-Brand Profile Quickly | 2019

Now that you have finished the Getting Started in the training portal, it’s time to set up your Build-A-Brand profile. Before you jump into your Build-A-Brand toolkit you will want to get a few things ready....

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Top 3 Overcoming Objections BDC questions answered | 2019

I receive a lot of BDC, CRM, digital advertising and recruiting questions throughout the week! Here are my top questions I received the past few weeks! Enjoy my automotive friends! Top Questions Answered:...

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Top 5 Things You Need To Build Your Brand - 2019

Building a business and a personal brand is far easier today than it was just 10 years ago. With social media given us an amazing platform to start from scratch, what else could we need? An effective follow-up...

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Top 3 Ways to Follow Up With Your Customers Using Video Messages

You are going to follow up with your customers anyways, why not follow up in a way that will make a positive impression and give the customer what they want. You will benefit from this...

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Personal Branding 101

Understanding Personal Branding What Is Personal Branding? A personal brand is to providing a human experience that creates and builds...

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Build-A-Brand Updates 08-31-2018

Today, August 31, 2018 Build-A-Brand has an awesome update for you! You know have more than one option to send your Digital Business Card to a customer. On popular request, we have added two new ways for you to share...

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