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Chandler Smith Pushes the Racing World's Age Limits

What were you doing at 16? Most of us were probably tackling 10th grade, adolescence and learning how to drive. If we were lucky, we had been driving for a while and getting the hang of it. Not to say that we...

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What Toyota Vehicle Are You TOYOTAlly Crazy Over?

As a Toyota fan, there is always a vehicle that pulls at your heart strings or makes your jaw drop. You are either driving it or you are dreaming about it; perhaps it is tied to a nostalgic moment or your...

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5 Best Autopilot Vehicles Available Today!

I think we all thought that by 2018 we would live much like the cartoon show from the eighties, The Jetson's and have flying cars by now. We have certainly come a long way since the eighties but flying cars...

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Here’s the New Toyota Supra as a NASCAR Racer

The new racer complies with the Xfinity Series’ 2019 rule changes, which include the use of flange-fit composite bodies in place of today’s steel bodies.

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Toyota lineup of vehicles will talk to each other to prevent accidents

Toyota plans to start selling U.S. vehicles that can talk to each other using short-range wireless technology in 2021, the automaker said on Monday, potentially preventing thousands of accidents annually.

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