Do you see yourself as proactive or reactive? in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Cameron Moore's Blog | Do you see yourself as proactive or reactive?

I strongly agree that being proactive can change your life for the better. This is a great video by DrivenByGoal. You can check out his YouTube channel by click here. There are many great examples in this short video that will help you understand the difference.

In my own opinion, I believe that many of the people in our industry are reactive. What does reactive mean? If you are a reactive person you deal with things as they occur. If you define yourself as reactive you basically just show up to the dealership, unprepared and deal with things as they come. Reactive people tend to be unorganized and don’t have a plan for the day. When something goes wrong at the dealership or during a deal, a reactive person will blame others. As a reactive person your behavior will be a product of your current feelings. I know that I have related to the reactive side in the past.

You can change this! It all starts with a mindset. You can become a proactive person in every aspect of your life. This is how you can start building habits to become a proactive person. 1) When something goes wrong at your dealership or during a deal, don’t blame others. I found that my mindset changed when I quit blaming others for something going wrong and started to blame myself. Take ownership of it. This will build a great mindset and habits that will take you far in life and your career in the automotive industry. As a proactive person your behavior should be an example of your values. Be proactive and start planning out your day. Make a list of five things you want to accomplish each day. Put that list right next to your computer and as you accomplish each task mark them off. As a proactive person you should plan for every scenario that may occur.

Each day is a new day. You may have been a reactive person yesterday; however you have a choice today to change your mindset to become a proactive person. I believe that you can do it. We work in the greatest industry in the world. We are all professionals. It is time that we start being proactive so that we can change our industry.

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