How Build-A-Brand Helps Your Dealership Reduce Salesperson Turnover - 2019 in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Cameron Moore's Blog | How Build-A-Brand Helps Your Dealership Reduce Salesperson Turnover - 2019

At the latest Internet Sales 20 Group in Nashville, TN, I had the honor to share with the audience how Build-A-Brand was created to reduce salesperson turnover at Homer Skelton Ford. The automotive industry is, in my opinion, the greatest industry in the world. The greatest assets that a dealership has is their salespeople. If you can reduce salesperson turnover at your dealership you will dramatically change your culture. When you positively change your culture at your dealership you will maintain your salespeople, build customer loyalty, and differentiate your dealership from every dealership around you.

Imagine that you are walking through your dealership. Only to overhear a salesperson on the phone with a customer, say this; “Again my name is Ryan. Just look around on the website and if you see anything else you like, just give me a call back. Do me a favor and do not fill out any lead forms or click the chat button. Rather call me back. If I miss you, leave a message and I will call you back. Again, my name is Ryan what was your name again?”

What would you do? How would you handle this?

This exact scenario happened to Brian Chapman, our owner, at his Ford store. You will not believe what Brian did. Check out this video!

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