How to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean and Fresh in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

How to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean and Fresh

Cameron Moore's Blog | How to Keep Your Car Smelling Clean and Fresh

Nobody likes getting into a vehicle that has a funky smell or an odor that can’t be fully described. Sometimes we can simply forget the kid’s gym bag or a refrigerated grocery item can roll out of the shopping bag and get lodged under the seat for days. I’m sure we have all been there, but it’s time to put those yucky car smelling days behind us.

The marketplace is flooded with car air fresheners, but you may be among those who do not like having air fresheners hanging from the rearview mirror or the ones that hook onto car vents, so how is it you can keep your car smelling fresh?

The answer is right under your nose (yes, the pun is intended).

  • Go to your laundry room and grab the box of your favorite dryer sheets. Take some of those wonderfully smelling sheets and place them in different areas within your vehicle, like, under the floor mats, in an open space trunk, and in the pockets located on the back of the front seats.
  • Pick a day, any day! If you are always rushed for time and can’t clean out your car every time you use it, then pick one day a week when you can go through your car and remove all the non-essentials. Make sure you check the trunk, cup holders and the door pockets.

You and all aboard want a fresh smelling car and these tips will do just the trick!

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