The 5 Habits I Created To Help Me Build A Great Buying Experience For My Clients in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Cameron Moore's Blog | The 5 Habits I Created To Help Me Build A Great Buying Experience For My Clients

I am going to share with you the 5 things I did to increase my repeat and referral business at the same time providing my clients with a great buying experience. When creating these habits, you want to make sure you stick with it and never give up.

Number 1:

When I got an internet lead I would create a video walk around of the vehicle that they are inquiring about. I would go outside and make sure that the vehicle looked good. I would then make the video tailored to the person and even answer any questions they had about the vehicle.

Number 2:

I would send a follow up video the next day. I would attach the VDP page behind the video to create top of mind awareness. This was a great way for them to be able to see the vehicle one more time.

Number 3:

They come in for an appointment and I make sure that I have a sign in the window, so they know that the vehicle is reserved for them.

Number 4:

I would get a photo for my review and get a client testimonial video to use as a blog. I then would share it on social media and congratulate them. I would make sure that I added them as a friend on Facebook and then I would tag them in it.

Number 5:

I would send a follow up video the day after they purchased their video.

These are the 5 habits I created to help me build a great car buying experience for my clients. This did not happen right away. It took hard work and being persistent to make this great.

What do you do to make your client experience great and sets you apart from the rest of the car people out there?

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