The Difference Between Greatness and Average in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

The Difference Between Greatness and Average

Cameron Moore's Blog | The Difference Between Greatness and Average

The difference between greatness and average… is work ethic.

Before we talk about why I think this, let's look at the definitions for each term defined by Merriam-Webster.



the quality or state of being great (as in size, skill, achievement, or power)




not out of the ordinary: COMMON


We all want to be the go-to “guy” or “gal” for what we sell. Anyone can sell cars, houses, insurance, or just about anything that can be sold. What makes you different and why would people come to see you over everyone else in your industry? 

There are 3% of people in the market each month to buy what you are selling. If you have 1000 friends on Facebook, that means you have 30 friends in the market to buy what you are selling, each month. Think about how much more you could sell or how you could generate more opportunities if you just separated yourself from all the other salespeople in your industry. 

For all my automotive salespeople, think about what you could do to differentiate yourself from the salesperson at the dealership across the street. You could roll out the red carpet for the delivery, like Ken Serratos. When you are getting to know your client, during your discovery period of the sale, remember certain things your client mentioned that they liked. Maybe it was a sports team. Get them a gift that you could give them at the delivery. If your client said they are going on a trip soon, get them something that has your brand logo or dealership logo that they could take with them, a hat, shirt, or a cup. 

When you do things like this and capture it with a photo or video, best practice is with a video, it will help you generate more business from their family and friends. To differentiate yourself and create more opportunities you must do what the average person won’t. You must go above in beyond to provide an experience that your clients and future clients will talk about. 

Everyone you talk to is a potential opportunity. I hear a lot of people say that they get bad “leads”. Well, if your “leads” are bad then start creating your own. If you are always working with people that can’t get approved and you are complaining about it, then create your own. Create a checklist that you can use for each person to make sure that you can truly help your opportunities that have bad credit. If you do this, you can save time for both of you. There is no such thing as a “bad lead”. Every person and conversation you have is an opportunity. The question is, will you be the one the opportunity works with? 

It’s easy to complain about how bad something is or point fingers when something doesn’t work out. You must be tired of carrying all that stress from complaining and blaming others...right? Start becoming the difference and find solutions. 

If you want to be different from all the other salespeople, sell more, and create more opportunities you will need to work harder than everyone else. What you put in your work, family life, friendships will result in what you get out. Go above and beyond to make sure that you are at the forefront of your opportunities mind when they think about buying what you sell.


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