Throwback Thursday Episode #1 from Build-A-Brand in OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Cameron Moore's Blog | Throwback Thursday Episode #1 from Build-A-Brand

Welcome to Throwback Thursday Episode #1 from Build-A-Brand. Do you remember old school car sales call and follow up techniques? Often ending in frustration, desperation, and dead ends? In today’s time, technology is kicking off more than it ever has and everyone always has their phone on them.  Your customers want to feel like they are a priority, and they aren’t just another sale to check off your list. The customers need to know that whoever is working for them, is actually working—for them and their needs. With the video message feature, it allows you to easily accomplish that. Not only did you give them or plan to give them an amazing experience, but you followed up in a way that will make them feel special and important.

Stop waiting on call backs or be backs and start engaging with your customers in a way that will retrieve a response from them. Although old school techniques may still work, wouldn’t it be nice to know which customers are actually interested and save yourself time? All while selling more cars? With the video message feature in your Build-A-Brand toolkit, you also know when they’ve opened it, how many times they have opened it and how many times they have watched it. If someone has watched your walk around video or follow up video 8 times, more than likely they are buyers. Now you as the professional, just investigate what is keeping them from buying today. Whether it be that you aren’t on the right car or that they love the car but it Is out of their budget. Cool, right?



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