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6 Fun Family Friendly Car Songs With Young Children

Now that summer is upon us, it means VACAY & ROADTRIPS! One of the easiest things to do on those long car rides is to listen to music. We all listen to music, but we all don’t necessarily like the same type...

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Historical Tax Facts for Your Amusement

April 15th has passed and hopefully, you are breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe you have extended your sigh of relief for a few months and still need to wrap things up. In either case, I wanted to share some...

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How To Get That Car Buying Smile

The moment you are handed the keys to your brand-new vehicle, you instantly feel proud, accomplished, and even a sense of excitement. You may have had many different vehicles throughout your lifetime, but you just...

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How Often Should I Add Brake Fluid to My Vehicle?

Your brakes are super important in keeping you safe. They are definitely one of the most important safety features on your car. You need to take care of your brakes and it may include adding brake fluid to your...

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Top 5 Things You Need To Build Your Brand - 2019

Building a business and a personal brand is far easier today than it was just 10 years ago. With social media given us an amazing platform to start from scratch, what else could we need? An effective follow-up...

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3 Ways to Keep You Prepared While on The Road

As drivers, we can easily take for granted the daily grind of getting behind the wheel of our vehicles and get to where we need to be or want to go. However, we need to keep up the maintenance of our vehicle to ensure...

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