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Rocky Ridge Custom Trucks Help You Live In The Moment

When it is no longer about the drive to work, home, to a friends house, or to your favorite restaurant, then you must be an owner...

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Speedway Motors’ In-Your Face, Corner-Carving 1967 Camaro

Racing is gritty, raw, and defined by mechanical superiority and talent behind the wheel; but also, in a subliminally captivating way, style. No magic combination of stripes, sparkly paint, or stickers will guarantee...

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Do you quit when you do not get instant results?

Would you plant a seed in the ground and quit the next day because nothing grew out of the ground? That is the mindset that a lot of people have when trying something new. Seeking instant gratification. Trying...

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What are the new customer expectations and why it is important?

Before we get into the new customer expectations we need to look at how we got to this point. In the past or as some people like to say, back in the day, the dealership was the only place the consumer could come to...

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How to add all your hashtags with one word

This how to Video will show you how to easily create a short cut, in your iPhone, to add all your hashtags under one word. This means that you will be able to type a key word like “cam” and have all your...

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