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Cold War car radios and the Stations of the Apocalypse

US-market car radios from 1953 through 1963 were required to have CONELRAD frequencies marked.

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What are your pillars of your brand?

The Pillars Of Your Brand The pillars are your main values. They are attributes that help define your brand. What do you stand for and what are your core values? In branding, your...

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Why is branding important?

Personal Branding is your chance to tell the world who you are and the experience you provide for your clients. This article by Forbes is a great read. 'If you don't believe in who you are or what your sell, then why...

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Easy way to use video Message- Build-A-Brand

You can send a video message for just about anything. We all post videos on Facebook or Instagram. We love to share our life with the world. You can do the same with all of your leads, referrals and clients with just...

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