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Why You Should Not Put A Bumper Sticker On Your Car!

Many driver's love to add a bumper sticker to their vehicle. However, were you aware that bumper stickers are not meant for vehicles made today? It is true. Unless you have a chrome bumper, you should...

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What Toyota Vehicle Are You TOYOTAlly Crazy Over?

As a Toyota fan, there is always a vehicle that pulls at your heart strings or makes your jaw drop. You are either driving it or you are dreaming about it; perhaps it is tied to a nostalgic moment or your...

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Why You Need To Lighten The Load On Your Car Keys

Keychains can be fun to collect as we travel or receive as gifts, however, adding them to your car keys could ultimately hurt your vehicle. You see, adding keychains to your car keys adds weight to your...

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5 Ways To Rid Of Blind Spots

There is no worse feeling than overlooking your vehicle's blind spots. You try your best to keep them in mind and hope that you covered everything prior to backing up or switching lanes. No need to hope...

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6 Superb Starter Cars For Your Teen

Is It time already for your teen to start driving on their own? This probably means it is time to get them their own vehicle. It may be time, but that does not mean you have to go broke. Here are 6...

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3 Steps To Keeping Leather Car Seats In Good Shape

You love the way your leather car seats look and feel, so it would really suck if they got ruined, right? I don't blame you! Leather seats in a vehicle are awesome! So here are 3 steps to keeping...

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